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A Legacy of Supporting Dreamers

Professor Sanchez knew the challenges of being a first-generation college student from his own experience. He created an endowed scholarship while he was still alive designed to create a pathway for bi-lingual, first generation Latino students in the Madison area. When Dr. Sanchez passed away, he left Madison College Foundation a legacy gift, which significantly increased the number of students scholarship recipients, thus impacting even more lives.  “In a sense Roberto was a dreamer too. He saved every dollar and wanted to support all Latino students.”

AFT Local 243 Endowed Scholarship Given to Physical Therapist Assistant Student

Stacey is a returning student and Navy veteran attending the Physical Therapist Assistant program. After 20 years of service in the Navy, Stacey worked briefly as an administrative assistant.  After realizing that an administrative job outside the military was not the best fit, she decided to go back to school to pursue a career that required teamwork, solving challenges and helping others. “I applied and was thrilled to be admitted to the Physical Therapist Assistant program.  This program has the potential to allow me to work in a job that helps others and to be an involved parent.” [...]

"We are very excited about Stand by YOU. It is all said in that one title. What more could an individual or our community do, than stand by our youth and let them feel that we are there standing beside them in their desire to better themselves by education. Please stand by them close, just like we are doing." -Bea & Lau Christensen Bea and Lau Christensen established a named fund to support students.

Paying it Forward: Dr. Yone Amuka Invests in Scholars of Promise

I firmly believe that-no matter the field in question- there is no shortage of talent, only opportunity. When I donate to the Scholars of Promise program, I think of it as planting seeds. Given our current socioeconomic trends, there are young minds all throughout our community with potential that would otherwise lie dormant. These are future employees, entrepreneurs, teachers, police officers; lost to us forever because we never activated them. With the Scholars of Promise Program any young mind with the initiative to learn is given the opportunity to do just that; no longer standing on the outside [...]

Sisters Thrive in Promise Program

Twin sisters Daryana and Dayana Blanco spend a lot of time in the Scholars of Promise office and study lounge on the first floor at the Truax main building. Words of encouragement and inspiration decorate the walls. There are computers and a space for relaxing or chatting with friends. “It is a good place to study. I come here when I need to focus,” said Dayana. Her sister works in the office as a student helper. In that role, Daryana makes phone calls, assembles newsletters and flyers and performs data tracking. She describes the space as “homey.” The [...]