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FRWRD Hospitality Group Establishes Scholarship

“Many of us spent late May and June, 2020 watching as this country grapples with police violence and continuing racism. Wondering how we can help change things for the better. Maybe we joined in demonstrations, educated ourselves on black history and racism or supported the efforts of anti-racism groups. Maybe we persevered with the work we were already doing with more urgency than before. Maybe we constructively talked about race with friends and coworkers for the first time, ever. One thing that Tyler and I kept going back to during this time was what we could do to make [...]

Madison College Alum Establishes George Floyd Endowed Scholarship Fund

In addition to the existing George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund, a Madison College alum, Paul and his partner, Peter, contacted the Madison College Foundation to establish this endowed scholarship fund to honor George Floyd. Their vision is that the scholarships to support racial justice while honoring George Floyd will exist into perpetuity. When they learned that an endowed fund requires a minimum balance of $20,000, Paul and Peter offered a $15,000 match gift to encourage others to give and to make it easier to meet the minimum threshold. If you are looking for a long-lasting way to make a difference [...]

Update on Instruction This Fall

Over 70% of the classes are completely virtual. While the format is different, faculty and staff spent the summer adapting their material and approach so that students continue to receive a top class education. The classes that do require in-person hands-on instruction are being held with new safety standards. Barriers have been installed when appropriate and classrooms have been reconfigured to allow for safe distancing. We have strict health and safety standards for anyone on campus. No one is allowed on campus without a specific purpose and authorization. They must complete a COVID-19 screening before entering campus and masks [...]

A Legacy of Supporting Dreamers

Professor Sanchez knew the challenges of being a first-generation college student from his own experience. He created an endowed scholarship while he was still alive designed to create a pathway for bi-lingual, first generation Latino students in the Madison area. When Dr. Sanchez passed away, he left Madison College Foundation a legacy gift, which significantly increased the number of students scholarship recipients, thus impacting even more lives.  “In a sense Roberto was a dreamer too. He saved every dollar and wanted to support all Latino students.”

AFT Local 243 Endowed Scholarship Given to Physical Therapist Assistant Student

Stacey is a returning student and Navy veteran attending the Physical Therapist Assistant program. After 20 years of service in the Navy, Stacey worked briefly as an administrative assistant.  After realizing that an administrative job outside the military was not the best fit, she decided to go back to school to pursue a career that required teamwork, solving challenges and helping others. “I applied and was thrilled to be admitted to the Physical Therapist Assistant program.  This program has the potential to allow me to work in a job that helps others and to be an involved parent.” [...]

Bea and Lau Christensen Establish Named Fund to Support Students

"We are very excited about Stand by YOU. It is all said in that one title. What more could an individual or our community do, than stand by our youth and let them feel that we are there standing beside them in their desire to better themselves by education. Please stand by them close, just like we are doing." -Bea & Lau Christensen.