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Fall 2020 Scholarship Recipient Story

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Fall 2020 Scholarship Recipient Story

I am a 31-year-old student at Madison College attending the ADN program. While others may look at me and think I must have failed so much to be trying to start a career in nursing at age 31, I know that it is because of all my successes, by the grace of God, that has brought me this far. I started my life with the odds stacked against me, during the heart of America’s crack epidemic with parents who were actively involved in the statistics. My two brothers, two sisters and I, had been causalities of our environment sustaining years of neglect, and many different forms of abuse. I eventually ended up in a foster home with a single woman who adopted me at age 12. Although my mother loved me dearly and took wonderful care of me, my formative years were still instilled in me, and hard for me to combat, leaving me with many years of confused, angry and sad emotions that lead to being a pregnant teen.  I eventually got my HSED from Madison College and I became a CNA at 19. I have worked as a CNA for the last 12 years providing a life for my family my 2 biological kids and my 2 biological nephews. Besides being a parent, getting into the nursing program at Madison College and having a successful 2 semesters are my biggest accomplishments thus far. I chose to become a nurse because I have been taking care of people for as long as I can remember. As a child, I remember protecting my siblings and sharing the food I had for their sake; and now, as a mother taking care of my family, as a daughter taking care of my 73-year-old mother as needed and, professionally as a CNA. I used to feel burdened by being responsible for so many, but I can see that what I once viewed as a burden is really a blessing and I find pleasure and fulfillment in caring for others.

As many know, it is very unlikely for children in foster care to graduate high school let alone go on to college, but this scholarship will greatly impact my success and continue to make my long-term educational goals possible in many ways. This scholarship will surely relieve some of the stress associated with the very competitive and difficult ADN program, as well as, the responsibilities I hold within my family by loosening up the financial restraints related to college. This scholarship will allow me more time to spend with my family and focus on school by allowing me to put in less hours at work and still pay my bills. My long-term goal is to complete my ADN at Madison College and then to go on work with troubled adolescents, who I can so deeply relate to. I eventually hope to go on to get my BSN, and this scholarship will provide me with a stepping stone I need in order to accomplish my long-term goals.

Last, but definitely not least, I would like to personally thank you making this scholarship possible. There are no words that can truly express my gratitude for bestowing this scholarship on me. It is a life changer for me. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

-Madison College Nursing Student