Endowments – Madison College Foundation

For information on establishing a new endowment or contributing to one of our existing endowed funds, contact:

Maggie Porter Kratz
Senior Director of Philanthropy

Kayla Leibfried
Marketing & Philanthropy Director


Many donors have chosen to provide permanent support through establishment of an endowed fund. Donors have funded endowments through outright gifts, payment of pledges over a period of years, or through bequests.

If you wish to contribute to long term, stable funding for a scholarship or program, consider establishing a permanent endowment in the Madison College Foundation. Each year a portion of the earnings are disbursed to fund the purpose for which the endowment was created.

Gifts of any amount may be made to the Foundation’s general endowment. A new named endowed fund, supporting scholarships, programs or other purposes, may be established with a minimum $20,000 gift. The Foundation’s endowments are invested safely and wisely, according to the Foundation’s investment policy, and managed by an experienced team of professional financial managers. An endowment is literally a gift that lasts forever.

If you are considering an endowment we would love to have a conversation about your goals. Please contact us to get started.