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Many donors have chosen to provide permanent support through establishment of an endowed fund. Donors have funded endowments through outright gifts, payment of pledges over a period of years, or through bequests.

If you wish to contribute to long term, stable funding for a scholarship or program, consider establishing a permanent endowment in the Madison College Foundation. Each year a portion of the earnings are disbursed to fund the purpose for which the endowment was created.

Gifts of any amount may be made to the Foundation’s general endowment. A new named endowed fund, supporting scholarships, programs or other purposes, may be established with a minimum $25,000 gift. The Foundation’s endowments are invested safely and wisely, according to the Foundation’s investment policy, and managed by an experienced team of professional financial managers. An endowment is literally a gift that lasts forever.

If you are considering an endowment we would love to have a conversation about your goals. Please contact us to get started.

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Jerry Frautschi Donates One Million Dollars to Support the Students with the Most Need

When we asked Jerry why he is giving this generous gift, he said, "My grandfather, Emil Frautschi, always recognized and valued the positive outcomes that a technical school education can have on individuals and their community. He was a shining example that a four-year college degree isn’t required to become successful. With only a grade school education, he became a very prominent Madison businessman, and the first president of the Madison Vocational and Adult Education School Board. In 1960, Emil Frautschi established the first bequest to the College that has since enabled hundreds of students to pursue training and education beyond [...]

Madison College Alum Establishes George Floyd Endowed Scholarship Fund

In addition to the existing George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund, a Madison College alum, Paul and his partner, Peter, contacted the Madison College Foundation to establish this endowed scholarship fund to honor George Floyd. Their vision is that the scholarships to support racial justice while honoring George Floyd will exist into perpetuity. When they learned that an endowed fund requires a minimum balance of $20,000, Paul and Peter offered a $15,000 match gift to encourage others to give and to make it easier to meet the minimum threshold. If you are looking for a long-lasting way to make a difference and provide educational [...]