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Planned Gifts

The Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society

Emil J. Frautschi left Madison College’s first bequest in 1960. This gift was a promise to students that they would receive assistance if they worked hard towards their goals. We honored this gift at our Stand By YOU Luncheon on November 1, 2018, where we launched the Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society.

Joining the Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society

We are honored that you are considering a planned gift that gives the gift of education to Madison College students. With a legacy commitment of over $10,000 you will become a member of the Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society.

Based on your preference, we will recognize you* as follows:

  • Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society List, shared on Frautschi Family Day, in the Scholarship Breakfast Program, on our website, and in other venues when appropriate.
  • An invitation to the annual Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society reception, held on or near November 1, hosted by the College President and Foundation CEO.
  • When your gift is realized, we will honor you with a paver on campus.

*Recognition can be anonymous.

Why Choose a Planned Gift?

Estate planning enables you to leave a legacy at Madison College to support future generations of students. Planned gifts also allow our alumni and friends to fulfill their financial and estate planning goals.

Gift planning integrates your charitable gift into your overall financial, tax and estate planning to maximize benefits both to you and to Madison College. Planned giving expands the educational and economic impact of your gift because the beneficiaries—Madison College alumni—remain in our area to live and work as essential members of our local communities.

You can help ensure the future success of technical and community education tomorrow through gift planning today. Depending on the arrangements you choose, you can also:

  • Reduce income taxes
  • Avoid taxes on capital-gains
  • Increase spendable income now
  • Retain payments for life

Types of Planned Giving

You can name the Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement plan which may eliminate income taxes on those assets
You may qualify for an estate-tax charitable deduction for the value of your gift through a bequest to the Foundation.
Your will or trust can stipulate that a specific sum of money, a percentage of your estate, a piece of property, such as real estate or other items are given to the College through the Foundation.
Learn more with the Madison College Foundation Planned Giving Goals and Benefits Guide.
Above all, you can be confident that your generosity will support technical and community education for years to come.
Whatever form of bequest you choose, it is not subject to federal estate taxes, which significantly reduces the tax burden of an estate. The value of the bequest may be deducted when the taxable estate is determined, and there is no limit to the deduction. You should always speak to your financial advisor and tax advisor about what makes sense for your specific situation.
It is important to list “The Madison College Foundation” in your paperwork.

Gift Designation

The Madison College Foundation is committed to following donor intent. We are happy to have a conversation to discuss whether you would like to leave an unrestricted gift to help us where it is needed most when the gift is realized, or if you would like to set up a fund agreement that stipulates specifics of who this gift will benefit.

Feel free to call or email Maggie, or fill out the interest form on the right and we will contact you.

Do you already have a planned gift?

If we are already included in your future plans, please let us know. We would love to say thank you, learn why you’ve decided to make this commitment to the Madison College Foundation and recognize your generosity. Feel free to call or email Maggie.

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Lussier Jack
There are very few people who are as well known for their generosity and commitment in the Madison community as Jack Lussier. He was a supporter of the Madison College Foundation for 50 years and a donor for 30. When he passed, he left a scholarship gift to the Madison College Foundation.
Madison College Foundation Planned Giving Brochure
Planned Giving Goals and Benefits
Planned Gift Form

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