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Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society

Emil J. Frautschi left Madison College’s first bequest in 1960. This gift was a promise to students that they would receive assistance if they worked hard towards their goals. We honored this gift at our Stand By YOU Luncheon on November 1, 2018, where we launched the Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society.

Joining the Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society

We are honored that you are considering a planned gift that gives the gift of education to Madison College students. With a legacy commitment of over $10,000 you will become a member of the Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society.

Based on your preference, we will recognize you* as follows:

  • Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society List, shared on Frautschi Family Day, in the Scholarship Breakfast Program, on our website, and in other venues when appropriate.
  • An invitation to the annual Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society reception, held on or near November 1, hosted by the College President and Foundation CEO.
  • When your gift is realized, we will honor you with a paver on campus.

*Recognition can be anonymous.

Givers are all around us. Here are some of their stories.

Barbara Borders & John Fritsch

We both are retired Program Lead Teachers for the Visual Communications Program in the Art Department. Our years of satisfying and rewarding work with students and seeing our graduates’ success in the workplace has inspired us to support the College by including the Madison College Foundation in our estate plans. Investing in the future of Madison College and in the support of its students gives us great pleasure. Our planned gifts will help future generations of students achieve success in pursuing their degrees. It is a great way for us to give back to Madison College, where we enjoyed truly rewarding careers teaching Visual Communications students.

Stand By YOU Awareness Luncheon PhotoEmil J. Frautschi left Madison College’s first bequest in 1960. This gift was a promise to students that they would receive assistance if they worked hard towards their goals.

We honored this gift at our Stand By YOU Luncheon on November 1, 2018, where we launched the Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society. The Governor and Mayor both issued proclamations declaring November 1st the

“Frautschi Family Day.” Read more here.

This fund, which started with a $40,000 gift, has grown through interest and contributions lovingly made in Emil’s honor. It generates 25 scholarships year after year and will continue to impact students in perpetuity! The Frautschi Family continues to support Madison College students in significant ways.

Lussier JackThere are very few people who are as well known for their generosity and commitment in the Madison community as Jack Lussier. He was a huge supporter of MATC for 50 years and a major donor to the Madison College Foundation for 30 years. Jack frequently attended college sporting events and he loved to have his hair cut regularly by our very talented Cosmetology students. In addition, Jack never missed our Scholarship Awards Breakfast events and often proudly wore his MATC sweatshirt.

When Jack passed, he left gifts to many causes that were dear to his heart. The Madison College Foundation was thankful to be a recipient of one of Jack’s legacy gifts. Jack’s generous gift has already provided many scholarships to deserving students. His scholarship is open to all eligible students.

In celebration of Jack Lussier’s life and his love of MATC, the Mayor declared April 29, 2021 Lussier Family Day.

Paul has had a varied career that included a college degree in corrections, eight years of dairy farming, raising a family, and 22 years working for the Post Office. When he retired at age 60, he returned to Madison College for late career training in the form of a nursing degree. After working at Meriter for three years, Paul applied this training and experience to medical missions. Since then he’s been to Haiti five times for the Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin, and to Guatemala five times for the Guatemalan Medical Resource Project. Once the pandemic risks are reduced, he hopes to continue this work.

In a study group at Madison College, Paul met other returning students whose viewpoints impressed him greatly, and at the John Lewis memorial, someone recommended a scholarship program in honor of George Floyd. These connections and influences moved Paul to help found the Social Justice endowment in support of the George Floyd scholarship started by Dr. Daniels. Paul’s intent is to support returning Black students in the pursuit of their goals.

At the end of his life, his Roth IRA will transfer to the Social Justice fund in support of this intention. Paul summed it up with this thought: “Any contributions to the Social Justice fund are a tiny step toward repairing longstanding racial inequalities.”
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Roberto SanchezProfessor Sanchez knew the challenges of being a first-generation college student from his own experience. He created a significant scholarship endowment while he was alive designed to create a pathway for bi-lingual, first generation Latinx students in the Madison area. His scholarships began by supporting young people in the MMSD system and continuing to provide funding through Madison College and UW-Madison. Students may be funded for 10 years. These students are brought together as a cohort to provide comradery and support through transitions. This funding can be used for a broad range of support, from summer camp to calculators; the goal is always student success.

“Roberto in a sense was a dreamer too. He started out in a community college, and then transferred to a four year. He became a professor, and saved every dollar and wanted to support all Latino students.” said Lucía Nuñez, Vice President for Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement at Madison College.

When Dr. Sanchez passed away, he grew this legacy with a bequest that increased the number of students his gift impacts. One of the beautiful outcomes of his life of giving was seeing a full cohort of students graduate with their University degree after being selected to win the scholarship in their 8th grade year. Read about the continued impact here.

Take the first step in creating your legacy, or let us know you’ve already taken this step, by contacting Tammy at tthayer2@madisoncollege.edu.

Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society Members

Mary E. Aiken*
Dr. Turina R. Bakken and Marcia L. Christiansen
Laura Berger
Terri Bleck
Sherrie and Merlin Bliefernicht
Barbara Borders
Ruth Coe *
Rollie Cox
Mike and Lee Ann Dillis
Spike and Lona Ehlers *
Emil J. Frautschi *
John Fritsch
Doreen Griesbach
Hayden D. Groy *
Alice J. Hake *
Grace E. Hickman *
Mae J. Laatsch
John H. Lussier Charitable Lead Annuity Trust *
Ann M. McNeary
Hannah Murray *
Paul Patenaude
Lois Pluckhan *
Eileen Rabson
Dianne Redsten
Dr. Sheila K. Ruhland
Roberto G. Sanchez *
Tammy Thayer
Pat Tully and Chris Miller
Candice E Tylke *
Ione Uphoff *
JoAnn Walker
Arlisle Wolff *
Janet K. Wood
Anonymous (11)

*Indicates gifts that have been realized

If you have made a legacy commitment and it is not included on the list above please contact Tammy at 608.246.6440 or tthayer2@madisoncollege.edu

2021 Emil J. Frautschi Legacy Society Reception