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By donating to the Scholars of Promise Program you are giving hope to students who feel that college is out of their reach due to financial barriers.

The program’s purpose is to increase access to higher education for members of our district, specifically promising low-income students in achieving their dream of attending college by providing financial aid and scholarships, for which they are eligible, to cover the cost of tuition.

In 2020, there are over 300 students working towards a new future. We asked them how this support is impacting their lives. Here are a few of their responses:

“This scholarship is the base foundation of my career. With this I’ll be able to complete my educational goals, by becoming what I want to be, and making my parents proud.” 

- Karla

“I am the youngest daughter in a Hmong family of seven. Although I’m the youngest I have big dreams for my future. I want to become a family/marriage lawyer. It’s a lot of schooling but I am not discouraged. I’m passionate about helping people, especially if it allows me to stand up for them. I never really had anyone who was advocating for me, so I want to be that person for someone else. On my free time I like to play my guitar and sing. Music and art are my hobbies that I love to pick up when I’m not busy with school or work.”

- Antilica

“I grew up with a lot of financial struggle my whole life and without being in the Scholars of Promise program there is no way that I would be able to go to school and pursue my dream of being a Nurse. This opportunity that I have been gifted means to world to me and my family. My goal is to someday be able to give to others and help people in the way that I have been blessed enough to receive. Thank you so much!” 

- Annabelle
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