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Scholars of Promise

Scholars of Promise was launched in 2016, providing low-income recent high school graduates in the Madison College district area the opportunity to attend Madison College with tuition and fees covered for up to 6 semesters. By removing financial barriers, Scholars of Promise is making our community’s college accessible to all students who meet program standards and are willing to commit to the program’s requirements. Students who achieve certain academic standards are automatically accepted at UW-Madison, where tuition and fees are covered for an additional 4 semesters.

Scholars of Promise is revolutionary. It unlocks and opens the door to higher education to students who did not think college was possible in their future. When they enter the program, students are paired with a mentor and in later semesters they become a mentor. They are required to volunteer, attend practical workshops, and they have access to advisors who are dedicated to the Scholars of Promise program. This program is open to all students who live in our district. 

Research on college achievement correlates a student’s chance of success in college with early enrollment, full-time student status, and access to academic counseling and support. Scholars of Promise is designed and built on these elements.

Do you know a high school junior or senior who could benefit from this program? Learn more here.


Scholars of Promise Testimonials
“I wouldn’t be at college without them.”

Checks can be made payable to “Madison College Foundation.” Please indicate “Scholars of Promise” on the memo line or on documentation with the check. Please mail checks to:

Madison College Foundation
1701 Wright Street
Madison, WI 53704

If you are making a donation from outside the USA, please contact for assistance.

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Madison College Foundation Staff are working off site and available by phone, text message and email.

Paying it Forward: Dr. Yone Amuka Invests in Scholars of Promise

I firmly believe that-no matter the field in question- there is no shortage of talent, only opportunity. When I donate to the Scholars of Promise program, I think of it as planting seeds. Given our current socioeconomic trends, there are young minds all throughout our community with potential that would otherwise lie dormant. These are future employees, entrepreneurs, teachers, police officers; lost to us forever because we never activated them. With the Scholars of Promise Program any young mind with the initiative to learn is given the opportunity to do just that; no longer standing on the outside [...]

Sisters Thrive in Promise Program

Twin sisters Daryana and Dayana Blanco spend a lot of time in the Scholars of Promise office and study lounge on the first floor at the Truax main building. Words of encouragement and inspiration decorate the walls. There are computers and a space for relaxing or chatting with friends. “It is a good place to study. I come here when I need to focus,” said Dayana. Her sister works in the office as a student helper. In that role, Daryana makes phone calls, assembles newsletters and flyers and performs data tracking. She describes the space as “homey.” The [...]