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Maggie Porter Kratz
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Chief Executive Officer

Emergency Grants: Provide Immediate Impact

The Madison College Foundation Emergency Grant program is managed in collabroatoin with Madison College staff in financial aid, advising, counseling, enrollment and other areas. If a student experiences an unforeseen financial expense, emergency funding may be available. An unforeseen expense is considered one that, if not resolved quickly, could lead to a student’s temporary or permanent departure from college. This can include transportation, childcare, food, medical/dental and housing concerns, etc.

Your Support Allows Students to Stay in School
Your contribution is critical for students’ success. A Madison College Advisor put it this way: “I can think of five different students who received the funding – for car repairs, rent assistance, gas/food – who were very appreciative. Each of them would have had to add work hours or go into debt without this emergency help. Either of these options would add additional burdens to already overstressed students. Students expressed real relief that this emergency funding was possible and were grateful for this gift.”

These philanthropic gifts make a significant impact on a student’s life when they need it most.

Generous supporters can make an immediate impact through current-use emergency grants or build towards the future by contributing to an endowment to fund emergency grants in perpetuity.


Madison College is working to fight student hunger. A 2019 survey showed more than one-third of the student population was skipping meals because they couldn’t afford food. In addition to partnering with local non-profits to start a food pantry, we publicized the availability of emergency grants to the student body.

“This is kind of helping get students the support they need to be more successful, even better students,” said Steven Ansorge, 2018-2019 president of the school’s Student Senate. “If you’re hungry in class, you’re not going to be able to focus on what the teacher is telling you, the lesson that’s trying to be taught.”

Students can apply for emergency grants and have funds placed directly on their student meal cards, which can be used at all Madison College café locations. They may also recieve food cards for local supermarkets.

In 2018-2019, we awarded nearly $90,000 in emergency grants for the following:
Food | Gas | Utilities | Car Repairs | Rent |Daycare | Bills | Other expenses