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Thanks to our generous donors, we award over $1 million in scholarships and emergency grants annually to students. Scholarship awards remain among the most important ways to encourage student success. They relieve financial burden while offering validation of a challenging endeavor. A scholarship can provide a significant positive outcome for a student’s educational journey, career trajectory, and life.

Donors who establish a named fund can identify requirements and preferences to receive their scholarships. Students apply through a centralized scholarship process and are matched with the scholarships for which they qualify. 

Establishers of named funds have a personal connection with the students they help. They receive individual scholarship profiles from the students they fund each time an award is made. Annually students and donors visit at our scholarship breakfast to share the impact and excitement of education. 

The Smart Future Fund is our important general scholarship fund that awards to a growing number of students each year.

The first step in establishing a named fund is usually having a conversation. Feel free to call or email Maggie or Kayla, or fill out the interest form on the right and we will contact you.

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2022 Scholarship Awards Breafkast

The 2022 Annual Scholarship Breakfast was held on April 28, 2022. It was wonderful to watch reconnections as this was the first in-person breakfast since 2019. Every speaker shared some reflection on how the pandemic has fundamentally shifted the world in big and small ways, and the students particularly shared how it threatened to derail their educational journeys. However, because of the generosity of our donors, scholarships ensured these students were able to continue their studies. Thank you to everyone who helps us fulfil our vision to ensure no student is denied an education due to financial barriers. [...]

Art Exhibit Honoring Longtime Academic Advisor

Dzigbodi Akyea was a student advisor at Madison College for seventeen years, most recently in the liberal arts transfer program. She was a calming presence, and many people went to her for advice. She had the gift of making people laugh, and was greatly respected among her peers. Unfortunately, Dzigbodi passed away quite suddenly last September 17, 2021 leaving those who worked with her in shock and grief. She had been a member of the Black Women Affinity Group, which was founded in June of 2019 and meets twice a month. She helped the group set its mission and [...]