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Fall 2020 Scholarship Recipient Stories

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Fall 2020 Scholarship Recipient Stories


My family has experienced financial challenges throughout the years.  My adoptive mother, who worked as a nurse, was disabled for 4 years due to an injury, and we needed to use food stamps and assistance programs to survive.  She is back working, but has raised six children as a single mother and cannot pay for our college expenses as her savings were used up during the time she was unable to work. In high school, I worked at Subway and was able to save a small amount, but I took my education very seriously and also devoted a lot of time to studying.  I have needed to spend extra time with my education in order to succeed in my studies, especially since I have static encephalopathy. Several weeks ago, I got a job at Red Lobster and was able to make a small amount to help me pay some of my bills. Now because of the Coronavirus, the restaurant is closed and I can’t work at all for some time.

All of these things have led to it being difficult to figure out how to fund my college education. Therefore, getting this scholarship helped me greatly because I am able to focus more on doing well in my classes instead of worrying too much about work and how to pay for college.

Currently I am in the liberal arts transfer program, and I am planning to transfer into the UW system to get my degree in Spanish. This scholarship would impact my long-term educational goals because making it to graduation successfully would be one of my biggest accomplishments.


I am currently entering Sophomore year this Fall of 2020 in the Liberal Arts Transfer-Pre-Professional Health Program. While attending school, I have been able to maintain a 3.0 GPA while participating in the Scholars of Promise and the AVID\\TOPS Program. Along with taking challenging courses over the Summer and successfully completing them, earning all A’s

After I continue to earn my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at Madison College, I intend on transferring to UW-Madison Nursing School to further my education. I look forward to pursuing a career in Nursing and plan to graduate Madison College in June of 2021. This scholarship will help me pursue my education by helping pay for my Tuition expenses which alleviates my financial burden and allows me to focus on my studies during this Pandemic.


I am first and foremost, a mother of two incredible daughters. If this is where my story ends, that would be enough. However, I’m also passionate about becoming a nurse. I finally realized that I wanted to be a nurse when I had my first daughter, Audrey. The nurses caring for me left such an impression that I knew that I needed to be by the patient’s side, holding their hand when they needed it most.

I opened my email this morning to see this wonderful gift you have given me. I have been working all summer to supplement my school year income, sometimes with COVID patients.

As a single mother, any additional help when it comes to paying for college and all the expenses that it entails, is hugely appreciated. I will continue to work while in school, however, I can only work part time since I will be a full time student. This program requires additional supplies such as a stethoscope and special shoes. I appreciate your consideration. My daughters and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


I am a first generation college student. I recently moved from Illinois in July 2019 to come to Wisconsin for a better education. That was a major life change for me. Coming to a state where I knew no one.  Although it’s been difficult to fit in, I have found a great sense of community here in the Madison area. I struggled academically throughout school due to a learning disability. But a sudden change in schooling and living situation, helped me earn the best grades of my academic life.

This scholarship would help me financially complete my education. Being a first generation college student, finances  for college haven’t been available for me. But this scholarship can allow me to stay in Madison and Madison Area Technical College, and transfer to my secondary college UW Lacrosse.

I appreciate you, giving me the opportunity to continue my academic achievements. Your scholarship helps me succeed in life. Thank you for your generosity.