New learning spaces mean more opportunities for Madison College students

Madison College Culinary Lab

New learning spaces will allow for more students to enter programs to meet the growing needs of local employers.

The fall semester is an exciting time at Madison College. The hallways are full of energy as students arrive ready to learn the first week of classes. The new school year means new possibilities for all of our students.

This year will especially bring a new sense of energy for our Culinary and Baking & Decorative Arts students as they move into new state-of-the-art learning spaces. As part of our historic $11 million campaign, the new learning environments will allow Madison College to increase the number of students in these programs and better prepare them to meet the needs of area employers. [Read more…]

From Bogota, Colombia to Harvard: One Madison College Graduate’s Journey

Madison College graduate Camilo Campo stands with his family in his Harvard Medical School white coat.

Camilo Campo and his family

The Early Journey

Camilo Campo’s journey to Harvard Medical School is not a typical one. His story began 2,600 miles away in Bogota, Colombia.

At the age of eight, his family immigrated to the United States to follow his parents’ dream of a different life. The transition to life in a new country was met with challenges. Camilo struggled with his English when he first attended school and later enrolled in summer classes to catch up. [Read more…]