New learning spaces mean more opportunities for Madison College students

//New learning spaces mean more opportunities for Madison College students

New learning spaces mean more opportunities for Madison College students

Madison College Culinary Lab

New learning spaces will allow for more students to enter programs to meet the growing needs of local employers.

The fall semester is an exciting time at Madison College. The hallways are full of energy as students arrive ready to learn the first week of classes. The new school year means new possibilities for all of our students.

This year will especially bring a new sense of energy for our Culinary and Baking & Decorative Arts students as they move into new state-of-the-art learning spaces. As part of our historic $11 million campaign, the new learning environments will allow Madison College to increase the number of students in these programs and better prepare them to meet the needs of area employers.

Culinary lab at Madison College

A construction worker puts the finishing touches on a new culinary lab.

The new spaces include:

  • A first-year culinary lab with cooking suites
  • A culinary theater and demonstration kitchen
  • A second-year gourmet culinary prep kitchen
  • Expanded baking lab to more than double current student capacity
  • Dedicated lab for cake decorating, sugar work, chocolate and candy making with climate controls
  • Expanded Gourmet Dining Room open to the public
  • New bakery store and addition of a culinary service outlet for retail sales
Baking and Decorative Arts lab at Madison College

Updated equipment in the Baking & Decorative Arts space waits for the first day of classes as construction nears completion. 

As graduates of one of the top programs in the Upper Midwest, our students have the opportunity to use the skills they learn at Madison College to become chefs and bakers at restaurants, bakeries, health care facilities, corporate offices and hospitality venues.

Our programs contribute hundreds of graduates in the baking and culinary industries, which is important to our local economy. The new learning spaces will allow our students to be prepared with modern practices as the need for skilled workers increases in our region.

We are excited to see what our Culinary and Baking & Decorative Arts students can accomplish this semester and beyond as they continue to hone their skills in new learning environments.

The success of our students depends on the support of our community. Learn more about how you can help our students prepare to meet the needs of our local employers.

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