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Sanchez Scholars Celebration

//Sanchez Scholars Celebration

Sanchez Scholars Celebration

Sanchez Students

Professor Sanchez knew the challenges of being a first-generation college student from his own experience. He created a significant scholarship endowment while he was alive designed to create a pathway for bi-lingual, first generation Latino/a students in the Madison area. When Dr. Sanchez passed away, he grew this legacy with a significant bequest that increased the number of students his gift impacts.

“Roberto in a sense was a dreamer too. He started out in a community college, and then transferred to a four year. He became a professor, and saved every dollar and wanted to support all Latino students.” said Lucia Nunez, Vice President for Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement at Madison College.

This week the legacy of Professor Roberto Sanchez was honored at the Sanchez Scholars Celebration.

“At this annual celebration, we finally see through the current Sanchez Scholars, the fruition of Professor Sanchez’s vision and dream … UW-Madison graduates who started out as high school as Sanchez Scholars and attended Madison College,” Nunez tells Madison365. “His legacy is alive in each of the Scholars honored and as a community, we collectively benefit from that legacy.”

If you or someone you know is interested in providing financial support for students to attend Madison College, please let us know. There are many options as you think through your own legacy in our community.

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