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What is the Scholars of Promise Program?

//What is the Scholars of Promise Program?

What is the Scholars of Promise Program?

Did you know Madison College has a Scholars of Promise Program? This initiative benefits low-income recent high school graduates who have the motivation to complete their college education, but lack financial resources. We do this by providing financial aid and scholarships to cover the cost of tuition, in addition to providing wrap around support services and mentorship throughout their educational journey at Madison College. This program is life changing for many in our community.

Dr. Jack Daniels, Madison College President, shared, “This is how we grow our workforce. This is how we improve the quality of life in our communities. This is how we live out our mission of providing access to higher education to all. Many of these individuals will represent underrepresented and disenfranchised populations. The opportunity that we have offered is a pathway not only to academic success but a new way of life.”

Dr. Daniels also said that the students who have entered the Scholars of Promise program represent the best that Madison College has to offer.“These determined students have proven to be hardworking, resourceful and persistent. These individuals committed themselves to the goal of an Associate’s Degree. Though financially disadvantaged, these individuals can now pursue the dream of a college degree and the career of their choice.”

You can learn more about Scholars of Promise, and how to support the Promise students here.

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