Spring Message – Madison College Foundation
Spring Message2023-05-08T06:25:51-06:00

Madison College is a place where everyone belongs. Many students, like Jared, come with complicated lives and more on their plates than traditional college students. Like Jared, they are often responsible financially for others and are juggling “real life” situations alongside their intense coursework. Madison College Foundation works to provide scholarships, knowing that for many of our students the relief it brings has a ripple effect across their lives.

So many share that they are overcome with emotion when they receive notice of their scholarship award, feeling a wave of relief. The fact that individuals (like you!) are the ones generously donating the money is significant to them. They tell us it boosts their confidence, and it encourages them as they stay up late studying, after tucking in their kids, or supporting their elderly parents. It gives them the energy to continue the course and persevere knowing that you believe in them.

While we consistently increase the number and amount or scholarships we award, we still to turn over 100 qualified students away each semester. The needs are great!

I invite you to be part of this life-changing work by joining us with a gift. Your support will mean the world to these students. You will help change students’ lives!