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jen_eventplannerSo what is a professional? Some have an aptitude for business. Others have a flair for art and design. And many wish to make a difference in the health and safety of their communities.

Madison College offers education and opportunities for all of the above. We help students turn their dreams into careers every day. And sometimes students discover careers they didn’t even realize existed.

From accounting to graphic design to culinary arts, our students are making names for themselves in a diverse array of business, applied arts, health and protective services careers. Our students not only learn the practical skills they need for their chosen fields, they learn how to conduct themselves professionally. This is why, when surveyed, area employers consistently give our graduates high marks, and more importantly, jobs.

For students who aspire to make a difference, Madison College can help. Whether they wish to comfort others as a nurse, save lives as a fire technician, assist patients with breathing problems as a respiratory therapist or enforce safety in the community as a police officer, our students find the training and support they need to reach their goals.

Our Health Education Center is an advanced new facility complete with simulated patients in hospital, home and emergency room settings, not to mention our public dental clinic and optical dispensary. The students in our 22 health care programs are well-prepared even before they begin their on-site clinical assignments in the community.

The new Human and Protective Services Center is a tactical training ground for students in programs such as Criminal Justice, Fire Protection and Paramedic. With our well-equipped simulated crime scene labs, a turnout gear room and digital forensics labs, we are preparing our community’s first-responders to come to tomorrow’s rescue.

By supporting students at Madison College, you are helping to educate our future workforce.