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Why Madison College Matters

//Why Madison College Matters

Why Madison College Matters

A Madison College degree matters! It is the ticket to a lifetime of possibilities for our graduates. It unlocks opportunities that increase the potential for higher earnings and upward mobility in the job market, which in turn supports families and places home ownership within reach. Educated citizens make our communities stronger. Everyone benefits from that. Our alumni are your neighbors and the professionals upon whom you, your family and your community depend.

They are the nurses who take care of your loved ones.

They are the police officers and firefighters who keep you safe.

They are chefs, hospitality workers, accountants, information technology professionals and tradespeople.

Madison College Graduates Are Everywhere You Are

It’s a rare day when you are not served by a Madison College alumnus. The knowledge and skills they acquire as students at Madison College make life better for every person who is fortunate to call southcentral Wisconsin home. They make up a workforce that ensures local companies can remain competitive in an economy that is increasingly global, which in turn contributes to the economic, cultural, recreational and civic vitality of our communities.

The Madison College Foundation is approaching the final but critical public phase of a comprehensive Community Campaign that will benefit everyone who lives in the 12-county district we serve. Our goal of providing an education to ANY person regardless of their economic standing has not changed. We are resolute in our commitment to ensure that students who come to Madison College complete their education here with a degree, diploma or certificate that unlocks opportunities that profit the individual, as well as the communities in which they live. So far, we’re 73 percent to our $11 million goal – healthy progress indeed! Now we’re pushing for a strong finish before the end of 2016.

This campaign will fund initiatives that help Madison College educate and inspire students who will leave here with more than 150 diplomas, degrees and certificates. When you consider that nearly 93 percent of Madison College students are employed within six months of graduation, 96 percent of them work in Wisconsin and 76 percent of them remain in the district,  your financial support delivers a return on investment that is abundantly evident every day.

Why Your Donation Matters

Your donation will provide students in need the scholarships to help them achieve their goals. This campaign will also fund the renovation and construction of state-of-the-art spaces on campus, and will support student success.

Learn more about where your donation will go and find out why Madison College has grown to become a campus of first choice for students who wish to pursue higher education.  

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