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Frautschi Family

Frautschi Family Day

The City of Madison and State of Wisconsin proclaim November 1, 2018 as Frautschi Family Day in recognition of four generations of support for Madison College.

Proclamation Text:

“Whereas, Emil Frautschi set the family’s pace for success and service. Founder of the Madison Fuel Co., president of Frautschi’s Inc., he served on the Madison College Board—then known as Vocational and Adult Education School Board–from 1936 until his death in 1959. As board president from 1949 on, he championed the Downtown campus expansion was completed in 1950.

Whereas Emil Frautschi’s vision, summarized in his statement “my hometown is entitled to two or three hours of my services a day” was carried out through his leadership of numerous community organizations, amassing a conservatively estimated 14,950 hours of service and;

Whereas, Emil Frautschi’s bequest to Madison College in 1960 was the first to establish an endowed scholarship fund and;

Whereas the Emil Frautschi Endowed Fund was one of twelve charter funds that established the Madison College Foundation in 1973, providing essential financial assistance to students enrolled in college transfer as well as technical programs and;

Whereas, Emil’s son Walter dramatically increased the endowed fund, remarking that “no other activity was closer or dearer to Dad’s heart than the technical college” and;

Whereas, Walter’s sons, John and Jerry, have continued their father’s legacy of support for the Emil Frautschi Family Endowed Scholarship and;

Whereas, in 1999 the Wisconsin Technical College System Boards Association presented the Technical Education Champion “TECh” Award to Webcrafters and the Frautschi Family honoring “an exemplary level of partnership” for the Frautschi family’s longtime promotion of the college, financial support, use of the college for employee training, hiring of alumni and the family’s enhancement of the community as a whole and;

Whereas all the members of the Frautschi family continue to influence the Madison community through their generosity and service.

Now therefore, in consideration of the foregoing, I do hereby proclaim November 1, 2018 to be

Frautschi Family Day”

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