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Laura Groenier- Interior Design, Graduation 1997

After opening my business in 1990 as a custom framing specialty shop, I realized that obtaining a degree in Interior Design would allow me to expand my business. My clients were already asking for addition design services in their homes and I felt Madison College, then MATC, was the perfect fit for me.

I enrolled part time and obtained my two year degree in three and a half years. My instructors Pat Flanagan, Kathy Wiggins and Tiffany Esser were instrumental in guiding my education, setting high expectations and challenged and inspired all of us. I was honored to serve on the advisory board for the Interior Design program for a term and we proudly offer internships for Madison College students. You can visit our work and be inspired.

Matthew Bills, Electronics Program, Graduation 2004

In December 2016, I started – PGW Small Engine Repair/Sales. This business allows savvy members of the public to buy used lawnmowers & snow blowers. Additionally, all brands of outdoor power equipment are serviced at reasonable rates.

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Sheila Ruhland, Business Administration – Marketing – Fashion Merchandising, Graduation 1976

My experience as a student and graduate of Madison Area Technical College was the best! I was encouraged to join the post-secondary DECA club and at first my instincts was “no way”. It was my involvement in this club and attending local and state events that provided me the skills in public speaking and team work. I am so grateful for my advisor Mae Laatsch you recognized potential that I had not seen in myself. I encourage you to take advantage of the many student organizations and clubs!

Monica Myers, Administrative Professional, Graduation 2015

I was hired for a job at a law firm as an accounting/office assistant, and started the Monday after graduation. I’ve now been at this firm for (nearly) 3 years and I was recently promoted to Assistant Business Manager.

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Don Markofski, Commercial Art, Graduation 1966

I’ve been very fortunate spending my entire career in the arts. That was my lifelong goal and it started at Madison College, formerly MATC. I graduated in 1966 from the Commercial Art Program. The instruction and inspiration provided by instructors proved invaluable.

I grew up in Portage and relocated to California in 1969. I enrolled in classes at California University at Los Angeles and graduated with a B.A. in art in 1973. This would not have happened without the Associate Degree from Madison.
I worked part-time at an ad agency in Los Angeles while working on my B.A. I would not have gotten this job without the MATC portfolio. In 1982, I started my own design agency.
You’ll find watercolor paintings and Graphic Design from the last 40 years or so. I have about a dozen paintings in a gallery and teach watercolor classes each week.

Thanks Madison College.

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Ashley Hanson-White, Barber/Cosmetologist, Graduation 2003

My story starts with an average day and a not so average haircut when an older gentleman sat in my chair for his $5 haircut and asked me what my dream was. I answered to be a makeup artist. The next day I was given a package that the man had left telling me about an internship in New York City at The Juilliard School in wigs and makeup. I applied and was accepted, thanks in part to my training. This all led to a career as the Wig and Makeup Shop Coordinator at the Juilliard School for 13 years and a lucrative side career in wig making for Saturday Night Live, Cirque du Soleil, Broadway, and movies. Remember to be kind to everyone because you just never know who’s going to sit in your chair!

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Margaret Benton, Human Services, Graduation 2018

I started at Madison College with just a dream of getting my GED. I had a lot of people that supported me along the way. When the time came to get my GED, I had a plan for College. Flash forward 4 years and now I have a degree in Human Services. Thanks Madison College.