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School of Human Protective Services High School Transition Fund

The Madison College School of Human & Protective Services is committed to educating and training students to enter careers within our program areas of Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Fire Protection, Human Services, Paramedic and Emergency Medical Services, Legal Studies/Paralegal and Urban Forestry.

Many of our students encounter significant and unexpected financial barriers that stop them from completing their program and getting jobs in their field. Low income students are 20% more likely to drop out of their protective services program.

You can help now by giving to our campaign! Your donation will have an immediate and direct impact on students’ ability to finish their program and transition to a career. Your contribution will provide funding to students to help them buy textbooks and equipment, pay for transportation to and from campus, access adequate food and housing while in school, and help cover tuition costs. Donate to our campaign because students need your help!

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