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Career Catalyst Fund


Career & Employment Services at Madison College is dedicated to our mission of “closing gaps in equity through educating, encouraging, and supporting our diverse student population in the career development process, while serving as a liaison between industry, employers, and the Madison College Community.” Three initiatives that align with our mission are our Career Fairs, the Wolfpack Closet, and our Wolfpack PAID Program. The Career Catalyst Fund will be utilized to provide monetary support for these initiatives.

Career Fairs:

Career & Employment Services organizes various career fairs throughout the academic year, catering to the general student population and emphasizing specific programs and industry areas. These fairs offer students opportunities to explore career pathways and secure gainful employment. Support for identified career fairs may include gift card giveaways, such as VISA cards (for any use), Retail Store cards (for school/work clothing), Madison College Bookstore cards (for job search supplies like books, resume paper, etc.), and Haircut/Grooming cards (for preparation for a job interview).

The Wolfpack Closet:

The Wolfpack Closet, a program by Madison College Career & Employment Services, strives to close equity gaps by providing current students with business attire for professional purposes, such as job interviews and networking events. Currently enrolled students can receive up to four items of clothing, free of charge, each term. The closet relies on donations from faculty, staff, alumni, and other professionals in the Madison Community. Your donation can contribute to furthering the Wolfpack Closet’s mission by immediately supporting its operations, including supplies, improvements, and clothing to meet the needs of all our students.

Wolfpack PAID Program:

The Wolfpack PAID Program aims to transform unpaid or underpaid internships into paid experiences, providing greater access to the benefits of paid internships. This initiative seeks to increase accessibility to paid internship experiences, boost participation among underrepresented students, and establish partnerships with local businesses to offer internship opportunities while addressing their workforce needs. Your donation will provide payments to students who have secured an unpaid or underpaid internship.

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