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FRWRD Hospitality Group Establishes Scholarship

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FRWRD Hospitality Group Establishes Scholarship

“Many of us spent late May and June, 2020 watching as this country grapples with police violence and continuing racism. Wondering how we can help change things for the better. Maybe we joined in demonstrations, educated ourselves on black history and racism or supported the efforts of anti-racism groups. Maybe we persevered with the work we were already doing with more urgency than before. Maybe we constructively talked about race with friends and coworkers for the first time, ever.

One thing that Tyler and I kept going back to during this time was what we could do to make a lasting change to move towards equality and representation in our community. What could we do to help remove just one barrier on a young person of color’s path to be represented or in a position of influence in Dane County. What could we do to increase diversity in the criminal justice field to bring more empathy and understanding for persons of color.

In that spirit, we have established the Pay it FRWRD Scholarship Fund to help finance a person of color to attend the criminal justice program at Madison College.

Meg, Tyler and the FRWRD Hospitality Group”

To support the Pay it FRWRd Scholarship click here.

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