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The Dr. Todd Stebbins Scholarship for the Advancement of the Liberal Arts

Over the course of a 22 year career at Madison College, Todd has dedicated himself to supporting student success, the work of faculty, and advancing transfer opportunities.  Specifically, he orchestrated the creation of seven Pre-majors in the Liberal Arts Transfer program, which changed the way students experience the LAT program to make clearer how to progress to transfer success.  His leadership also led to the creation of the Honors Program which advances student undergraduate research across the college.  Todd has led the creation of new and creative guaranteed transfer partnerships with 4-year universities and has been a key player in the expansion of the transfer mission across the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Every year, more than 1,400 students from Madison College’s Liberal Arts Transfer program successfully transfer to a 4-year university….and that number is increasing as we build transfer pathways linked to high demand career fields and support advanced educational pursuits.

As Madison College works with 4-year partners to create seamless transfer opportunities for more and more students, support for transfer students is critical.  Many students struggle financially while pursuing their educational dreams, and you can help!

You can make a difference for many students by contributing to the Dr. Todd Stebbins Scholarship for the Advancement of the Liberal Arts fund. This fund was established in 2007 and has supported dozens of deserving transfer students by awarding $500 scholarships annually to students selected by faculty and staff with support from the Madison College Foundation.  This money has made a difference for many students, including:

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We are calling on you to make a difference by ensuring this scholarship is available for students in perpetuity, to be accomplished by raising $25,000 to endow the fund.

We ask you to help sustain the scholarship with a one-time donation of $250, $300, $500 or more, though any amount is appreciated.  Current Madison College employees can also choose to make a recurring donation each pay period, and we hope you will consider a donation of $10 or more per pay period to truly support the scholarship.  If you also choose to auto-renew your donation in subsequent years, the opportunity to offer larger scholarships to more students becomes a real possibility.

Come and join us in making a difference!

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