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Scholarship FAQs2019-06-26T08:00:21-06:00

Scholarship FAQs

Are the resources where I can get help with my application?2019-06-26T07:51:27-06:00

Yes, you can make an appointment with the Writing Center at

How do I get notified if I have received a scholarship?2019-06-26T07:51:59-06:00

Award notifications will be sent to Madison College email accounts.

Who can apply?2019-06-26T07:53:05-06:00

Any Madison College student that is enrolled in at least 6 credits for the semester they are applying to, has a 2.0 GPA and has completed a FAFSA.

Can I choose the scholarships I want to apply to?2019-06-26T07:53:57-06:00

By completing the general application you will automatically be matched with a majority of the scholarship opportunities we offer. Once you submit the general application go to the opportunities tab and select “ours”. The scholarships that have an orange “apply” button next to them are scholarships you must take additional steps to apply and you can choose which ones to complete.

What is the deadline to apply?2019-06-26T07:55:03-06:00

Scholarships are open twice a year and current deadlines can always be found at

Do I have to complete a FAFSA?2019-06-26T07:55:32-06:00

Yes, it is a requirement to complete a FAFSA to be considered for Foundation Scholarships.

When will I get my scholarship money?2019-06-26T07:56:04-06:00

Scholarships will be applied directly to student accounts approximately 2-3 weeks after the start of classes to students who have completed the required steps of the acceptance process.

Do I need to send in a thank you note after receiving an award?2019-06-26T07:56:40-06:00

Yes, it is a requirement to submit a thank you note to the donor for all scholarships before they are disbursed.

Do I need to notify Financial Aid about my award?2019-06-26T08:00:58-06:00

No, the Foundation works with the Financial Aid office so they are already aware of all Foundation awards.