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ReEntry Education Fund

Madison College and the Wisconsin Department of Education have partnered together to provide educational opportunities for justice-involved students. Research shows that every dollar spent on quality, post-secondary education for justice-involved students saves between $4-5 and drastically reduces recidivism rates. In 2020, Madison College was selected by the Department of Education to become a Second Chance Pell (SCP) college. This allows incarcerated students to access federal Pell dollars to pay for tuition and student fees for enrollment in technical and associate degree programming. Unfortunately, there is still an unmet need for many students, and because students are earning pennies on the dollar at their institutional jobs, they need our help to support them with their unmet financial needs. This program will help students in two ways:1. If incarcerated students have completed a FAFSA and done everything they can to obtain financial aid but do not qualify for funds to cover part or all of their tuition and fees, students may request funds from this program to pay for the unmet need. 2. If an incarcerated student qualifies for Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the college’s honor society, but cannot pay the one-time dues of $75, the student may request this program to pay the dues on their behalf.