New Madison College Students

Application Deadline

Applications for spring 2019 scholarships will be open October 8 through December 7. Award notifications will be sent to Madison College email accounts by mid February.

Requirements to Apply – The following requirements must be met by the application deadline:

  • You must complete the Madison College Admissions Application
  • You must be accepted into a program
  • You must have a 2.0 GPA or higher
  • You must be enrolled in 6 or more credits for the upcoming semester
  • You must complete a FAFSA
  • You must upload a letter of recommendation
  • You must upload a college or high school transcript

Available Scholarships

How to Apply

  • Click the apply button below and enter your Madison College credentials.
  • Complete the questions on the general application and submit by the deadline.
  • Once you submit your general application, you will be directed to apply for other scholarship opportunities. You will need to answer additional questions to apply for these opportunities.