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Marie Dusio Nursing Assistant Student Support Fund

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Marie Dusio has touched the hearts of many. She has routinely gone above and beyond to support all students. She has set out to remove obstacles to encourage students’ success. Her dedication to the college over the past 15 years with a focus on the Nursing Assistant program is heard, seen, and felt by many; including students, staff, and faculty.

“Marie helped me with that” or “Marie was able to reach out to my clinical instructor and find a make-up lab” are common statements made by students to staff and faculty. Marie has provided much of this support using a very individualized effort and would be the last to ask for any recognition. She would be the first to say she could not do what she does without the help of all her peers.

Marie has always followed a moral compass that keeps students and ultimately the residents and patients her students touch at the heart of everything she does. Her humble way of being present and providing support has given strength, courage, and guidance to many. And her peers and students thank her.

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