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Former Madison College Faculty Supports Associate Degree Nursing Students

//Former Madison College Faculty Supports Associate Degree Nursing Students

Former Madison College Faculty Supports Associate Degree Nursing Students

Gloria Gudmundson and her husband, Gene Musser, both worked in healthcare and know how critical nurses are and how dire the need is for nurses. When the pandemic hit, they decided to establish a nursing scholarship through the Madison College Foundation because healthcare is important to both of them. Gloria taught for years in the nursing program at the college. The Gloria Gudmundson Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship now provides financial assistance to be utilized for tuition and/or related educational equipment for qualifying ADN students.

They chose the college because along the way Gloria and Gene crossed paths with so many people who earned their healthcare education here. “I admire the dedication and devotion to student success at Madison College. The future of our communities and country really is affected so much by education, regardless of what field you’re in. Contributing to that seems very important. We are doing what we can to contribute to the future of education in society.”

They are excited to see the personal impact their giving has on students. “The way that the Foundation supports the connection between donors and recipients is commendable. The donor profiles from the students are so heartwarming. I really enjoy seeing how nursing education and the resources at Madison College have continued to grow since I retired.”

Gloria Gudmundson is a retired nurse and spent the majority of her career in nursing education. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Valparaiso University and master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Upon completing her master’s degree, she began teaching. Gloria also worked several years as a Nurse Manager at a local hospital. However, what she truly enjoyed was nursing education. She taught in many of the nursing programs in Madison, including UW-Madison and Edgewood, but most of those years were spent at Madison College.  Gloria taught in Medical Surgical Nursing at Madison College for several years and stayed there because she thought it was such an excellent program. “Madison College nursing students were always very prepared, and hospitals never hesitated to hire them,” says Gloria. “I am so impressed by the relationships that Madison College builds with students and the support given to students. I feel that any student, in any situation in life, can receive the support needed to pursue their continuing education goals.”