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A Whole New World of Possibilities

//A Whole New World of Possibilities

A Whole New World of Possibilities

Dan Brown

“On behalf of the Ho-Chunk Nation and more specifically Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison, we are thrilled at this monumental accomplishment. The Goodman South Campus facility is an incredible opportunity for all students who reside on or near the south side of Madison, but it will open the door to a whole new world of opportunities for the heretofore under-represented communities in this neighborhood. Dr. Daniels should be canonized for the profound vision of serving the underserved and lifting this neighborhood – indeed lifting the entire city. As a community who has historically shared in similar socio-economic challenges leading to obstacles in obtaining a post-secondary education as our African American and Latinx (and all diverse community) brothers and sisters, we Ho-Chunk truly appreciate the objectives in locating this campus on the south side. As young people (and not-so-young people) from diverse and challenged backgrounds seek to improve their respective standards of living through education, we Ho-Chunk recognize the tremendous opportunity that has been afforded them because someone committed himself to genuinely and selflessly serving. Dr. Daniels and the Goodman South Campus are gifts to what we Ho-Chunk call Dejope.”

-Dan Brown, Ho Chunk