From Dreams to Reality

Madison_College_StudentFirehoses, stethoscopes, beakers frothing with color and smoke—these are the stuff childhood dreams are made of, props of the roles children hope to play as grownups. Astronauts. Dancers. Teachers. Builders. All along, we tell them, “If you can dream it, you can be it.” But eventually, as wide-ruled paper and easy-grip crayons give way to college-rule notebooks and standardized tests, the questions become: how does a person get from dream to reality? How can we help our dreamers move beyond the dreaming to the doing? [Read more…]

Why Madison College Matters

A Madison College degree matters! It is the ticket to a lifetime of possibilities for our graduates. It unlocks opportunities that increase the potential for higher earnings and upward mobility in the job market, which in turn supports families and places home ownership within reach. Educated citizens make our communities stronger. Everyone benefits from that. Our alumni are your neighbors and the professionals upon whom you, your family and your community depend.
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