Stand By YOU Campaign

Because you live and work in Wisconsin, your future is tied to the success and prosperity of Madison College graduates. Nine out of ten Madison College graduates live and work in our State. This means they are contributing to the health, safety and economic viability of your community…every day! Firefighters, nurses, police officers, engineers, architects, business leaders, teachers, culinary and baking professionals and entrepreneurs all get their start at Madison College.

For nearly 50 years, Madison College Foundation has supported the work of Madison College through scholarships, emergency assistance for students and innovation grants for faculty led projects. This support is not just a value add, it is essential to the success of graduates and to their ability to impact our community.

Supporting scholarships at Madison College provides the crucial financial bridge that makes higher education possible for many students. Scholarship recipients are more able to focus on coursework and participate in extracurricular activities that offer valuable volunteer, internship and leadership experiences. By helping students reduce or eliminate educational debt, you enable graduates to perform better at work, contribute to their families’ prosperity and improve the overall economic impact of our region.

Madison College Foundation Will Soon Celebrate 50 Years of Supporting Students Through:
1. Smart Future Scholarships, which provide funding for students to help them achieve their dreams in more than 140 professional fields that impact your community every day;
2. Emergency Grants that assist students who face financial burdens such as lack of food, transportation challenges, medical bills and/or other personal crises;
3. Innovation Grants made to faculty and staff to turn new ideas into 21st century solutions aimed at student success;
4. Planned Gifts, which move us toward realization of our vision that no student be denied an education due to financial barriers.

We look forward to helping YOU accomplish your personal goals for our community through Madison College Foundation.