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Spring 2021 Scholarship Recipient Stories

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Spring 2021 Scholarship Recipient Stories


I grew up on a family farm, where family and hard work always went hand and hand. I am an only child, and a large part of my life has been taking on responsibilities of the farm. My father and I are partners in running the farm. I have been able to move into a management position where I am the one making logistical and economical decisions. Some things that I take pride in are my strong work ethic, my willingness to learn and be better, and my curiosity to experience new things and have the ability to connect with so many different people in similar ways. 

 I do have working parents that provide for our family, but we also rely on farming as a means of income. Low market prices of products being sold and high prices of products that need to be purchased have made the agriculture industry that much more difficult to operate in. I am independent in funding my education, and I work multiple jobs to be able to pay to have the advantage of higher education so I can pursue my dream career.

Thank you for granting this money to help me pursue a degree in fire science. This scholarship will allow me to put full focus on school to achieve all of my goals. Thank you again. 


Paying for college, like many things, is easily said than done. As I grew from child to young adult new obstacles began to arise. Mostly economic hardship. When I turned 17 years old, I became my own provider, I depended on myself to put food on my table and pay expenses such a transportation and school. Back when I was living in Mexico, this was the only way.  As I grew older family and friends began to notice my struggle and add with what they could. But I could never ask for help, I felt a responsibility to take care of myself. Now, I have moved back to the United States to commence my journey of becoming an anthropologist. Education, by my point of view, is extremely important. I want to study and learn great things to contribute to the world that has contributed so much to me. Fortunately, I am not alone in this incredible country, but I still depend on myself to pay my education and my expenses. College here can be extremely difficult to pay for and scholarships, such as this one, can help me so much to turn my dreams into realities. Opportunities are always out there but they just dont show up, its important to find them and work for them.

I am speechless. I am so grateful for this opportunity. It feels that reaching for my dreams is becoming a reality and I am not just holding on to ifs. Thank you for letting me feel that I can accomplish anything, I will keep my mind set and go forward with bravery. 


I am currently studying full-time and occupying a student leadership position. I am grateful that I am employed as a remote tutor. My plan is to earn my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering after graduating from Madison College. My goal is to honor Leading Change-Africa with a successful academic career, support my other siblings to finish their education, and return to Burkina Faso and help my countrymen build a better future. I want to “pay it forward” to the Burkina Faso community by implementing a solar power company to deliver sustainable energy, provide millions of jobs to Africans, and make the continent a better place.

Part of what drives me to strive for excellence is the desire and commitment to honor my donors. Your generosity will always impact my life.


My name is Blake, and I am a 19-year-old student at Madison College from Deerfield, Wisconsin. I am a freshman at Madison College, and I am going to school to prospect and find a future career that fits me. I graduated from Wisconsin Virtual Academy, which is a virtual high school based just south of Madison in McFarland. Online learning has always been the best way for me to learn in the past going through high school and continuing now during these troublesome times. I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me to be able to go to school, and for the opportunity to receive this scholarships, here at Madison College. 

Thank you for selecting me as a recipient of a scholarship. My gratitude is immeasurable, and I am honored to have received this opportunity. This scholarship will allow me to continue my education at Madison College and will help me to further obtain a higher education. As I continue my journey through Madison College, I am always encountering kind, caring, and selfless people such as yourself, so I want to say thank you for making Madison College an even kinder and more caring place. 


Im originally from Boise, Idaho. Our family moved to Madison seven years ago to pursue the next step of my husbands academic career.  I finished my bachelors degree in 2002, studying humanities, international development and music.  After that I wanted to devote my time to raising our four children.  They have grown a lot since we came to Madison, and now two are in high school, one in middle school, and the baby is in third grade. 

I’m shocked and humbled to receive your scholarship for a parent who’s also studying nursing.  When I applied, I envisioned many others who needed this recognition as much as me. Those who established this scholarship truly have a vision of what it’s like to try to balance financial resources for your family, while trying to get more education to make things more stable for them in the future.  I am thankful that they took a look back over their shoulder to make the way easier for those who are coming up on their same path.   I’m grateful for Madison College for giving me access to funding, teachers, and courses that ensure that I practice with intelligence and thorough knowledge. Thank you so much for your encouragement, and for your scholarship award, which has made an immediate difference for me and my family! 

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