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Racial Justice2021-04-14T10:00:36-06:00

Supporting Racial Justice Through the Madison College Foundation

Madison College is a leader in racial justice and has always adapted to the changing needs across our district.  Our community has reexamined our roles and actions and the role technical education plays in providing opportunities to our diverse communities. We strive to grow and sustain a culture where all people are valued for who they are and who they will become. At Madison College, differences are celebrated. Learn more about diversity at Madison College.

This scholarship supports all students of color.

The following scholarships support students of color. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, you can learn more here. We would love to have a conversation about next steps.

Anderson Scholarship Fund2021-04-13T12:55:26-06:00

The Anderson Scholarship Fund was established with a gift from Ronald G. Anderson, a Business Advisory Board member for the Youth Job Center (YJC) of Youth Services of Southern Wisconsin, Inc. Mr. Anderson’s goal is to provide financial assistance to select recipients who are committed to pursuing a technical degree leading to employment.

Dinndorf Family Endowed Scholarship Fund2021-04-13T13:03:12-06:00

This fund has been established to assist students, particularly students of color, get started at Madison College and progress toward completion of an occupational degree or transfer to another college or university. Bob Dinndorf worked at Madison College as Executive Director of the Foundation from 1995-2013 and Executive Director of Philanthropy until he retired in 2019.

Essie Gulley Scott Memorial2021-04-13T12:57:46-06:00

To apply for this scholarship, a letter of recommendation must be submitted on your behalf by your instructor. Recipient must be a minority student. Must be a continuing student with a 2.0 GPA or higher

Family-Based ISA Scholarship2021-04-13T12:51:52-06:00

This fund was intended to provide funding for HEP GED graduates interested in transitioning to credit programs who for whatever reason, do not qualify for Financial Aid.  Specifically this fund is intended to serve a migrant farm working population and priority is given to students selecting the Microsoft Office Bilingual Certificate program that will further prepare students for the developmental or credit coursework ahead of them.

Farah Pluim Scholarship Fund2021-04-13T12:53:23-06:00

The Donor is establishing this fund to help with the disparities in our community

Genevieve Durand Siers Memorial Scholarship2021-04-13T12:52:28-06:00

Genevieve Durand was born the youngest of four children in Chicago, Illinois, on December 28, 1920. After graduating from lmmaculata High School, she started her nursing studies at St. Anne’s Hospital Nursing School in Chicago, including floor work at the hospital. During WWII, she served in the Cadet Nurse Corps for several months in 1944. We believe that Gen was the first in her family to pursue higher education. Unfortunately, before she was able to complete her studies she withdrew from the program so she could care for her mother and then her father at the end of their lives. Gen worked and volunteered for a variety of organizations, including the Catholic Guild for the Blind. She married Ambrose Siers in 1964, and in 1965 gave birth to her first and only child, Judith. Once she became a mother, she stayed home to raise her daughter. Sadly, she was diagnosed with lung cancer in fall of 1981 and passed away on March 5, 1982, at the age of 61. We are establishing this memorial scholarship on the centenary of her birth in order to support nursing students at Madison College. Preference will be given to first generation college students and to students of color.

George Floyd Memorial Scholarship2021-04-13T12:50:03-06:00

This scholarship will benefit Black students attending Madison College.

Grace Argall Endowed Scholarship2021-04-13T12:53:52-06:00

This scholarship is available for single parents, expectant mothers or minority students enrolled at Madison College.

Hiebing Endowed Scholarship2021-04-13T13:04:11-06:00

To benefit Graphic Design, Visual Storytelling, Web & Digital Media Design or Web & Interactive Design students.

Jeanne Bissell Scholarship Fund2021-04-13T12:53:59-06:00

My intention is to provide financial assistance to a woman who seeks an associate degree or college credits towards a University degree. This woman should be motivated and ready to apply themselves to their coursework. Special consideration should be given to those from underserved communities and *women of color. {*who identify as women*)

M.C. Davey Scholarship Fund2021-04-13T13:02:40-06:00

This scholarship is being established to support women of color who are enrolled full or part time. The donor was motivated by concerns about the disparity of resources for education in our community. The funds can be used for scholarship and/or educational expenses, such as equipment purchases for items students may need while in school (e.g. a computer and internet access) .. In recognition of the increasing importance of information technology in education and in career opportunities, it is preferred that recipients be enrolled in the IT program or in the school which that program resides, ASET (Applied Science, Engineering and Technology).

Madison College – People of Color in IT2021-04-13T13:03:42-06:00

This scholarship was created to help bridge the racial gap in information technology. There are many facets of this inequity that could be addressed. One is the lack of mentorship, encouragement, and financial support that is missing. This scholarship is intended to address a small part of that.

Opportunity Scholarship Fund2021-04-13T12:54:28-06:00

This fund is created to provide the opportunity for access to education for those who need assistance. The purpose is to pay for scholarships.

Pay it Frwrd Scholarship2021-04-13T13:00:34-06:00

From the Donor: “Many of us spent late May and June, 2020 watching as this country grappled with police violence and continuing racism. Wondering how we can help change things for the better. Maybe we joined in demonstrations, educated ourselves on black history and racism or supported the efforts of anti-racism groups. Maybe we persevered with the work we were already doing with more urgency than before. Maybe we constructively talked about race with friends and coworkers for the first time, ever. One thing that Tyler and I kept going back to during this time was what we could do to make a lasting change to move towards equality and representation in our community. What could we do to help remove just one barrier on a young person of color’s path to be represented or in a position of influence in Dane County. What could we do to increase diversity in the criminal justice field to bring more empathy and understanding for persons of color. In that spirit, we have established the Pay it FRWRD Scholarship Fund to help finance a person of color to attend the criminal justice program at Madison College. Thank you for supporting this effort. Black Lives Matter. Move FRWRD Always, In All Ways.

Roberto G. Sanchez Endowed Scholarship for Hispanic Bi-lingual Students Fund2021-04-13T12:51:01-06:00

This endowed scholarship will fund scholarships annually for fully bilingual Latinx students from Dane County high schools attending Madison College.

Scholarship for Women of Color Returning to School in Memory of Breonna Taylor2021-04-13T13:01:40-06:00

This scholarship is being established to come along side women of color who are returning to school to further their education. We are establishing this fund in the spirit of allyship with the goal of empowering strong women of color as we believe education is an important vehicle for women to have access. We are establishing it in memory of Breonna Taylor.

Social Justice in Support of the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship2021-04-13T13:04:53-06:00

In solidarity with the nation’s colleges and universities coming together to support the Black community and racial equity, the Madison College Foundation in collaboration with Madison College established the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship with an inaugural gift from President, Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III. This endowed scholarship fund is being established in conjunction to ensure that this work continues into perpetuity by providing a reliable funding source.

TDS Custom Construction – Remodeling Scholarship Fund2021-04-13T13:01:16-06:00

TDS Custom Construction has benefited from Madison Area homeowners for over 3 decades, remodeling and building their homes, and wishes to reciprocate the benefit back to the community in the form of a scholarship to help disadvantaged youth, especially persons of color, find solid careers in the construction trades.

Racial Justice