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Scholars of Promise

What is the Scholars of Promise Program?
The Madison College Scholars of Promise program is an initiative giving hope to students who feel that college is out of their reach due to financial barriers.

The program’s purpose is to increase access to higher education for members of our district, specifically promising low-income students in achieving their dream of attending college by providing financial aid and scholarships, for which they are eligible, to cover the cost of tuition.

In addition financial assistance, the Scholars program will assist students navigate the enrollment process and other college systems so that students stay on target for graduation or transfer as well as assuring career readiness. The program will initially focus on high school students who graduate throughout the Madison College district.

How to Support the Scholars of Promise Program
Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated and can be given to the Scholars of Promise Endowment.

Named annual scholarship funds can be established with an initial gift of at least $10,000. New scholarship funds may be in the donor’s name or named in honor or memory of an individual or organization.

Individuals or groups can also “Adopt a Scholar.” by giving $1,500 to support one Scholar of Promise.