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From Madison College Student to Associate Dean

//From Madison College Student to Associate Dean

From Madison College Student to Associate Dean

From Madison College Student to Associate Dean

Lucas White is an Associate Dean in Madison College’s School of Technologies and Trades. He first came to the College as a student in the Architectural Technology program in 2007, having studied at UW-Platteville for a year following his high school graduation in Lancaster, WI. After completing his Associate Degree in Architectural Technology, he went on to obtain a BS in architectural studies from UW-Milwaukee, but in reality he never left Madison College. Through a series of opportunities and other positions, and with the help of various mentors, Lucas found his path lay at the college itself, not in the world of architecture. While he continues to teach Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) classes, over the last 15 years he’s played many other roles as well.

Having been a student, staffer, faculty, and administrator, Lucas is knowledgeable of many different viewpoints in the college environment. This makes him uniquely able to see where resources are needed and where lines of communication exist to work out problems that arise. He particularly enjoys hiring diverse and experienced faculty and staff who are able to meet our increasingly diverse students where they’re at, being role models as well as instructors.

Lucas sees serving the students as the primary objective of Madison College moving into the future. Whether first generation students, students from diverse backgrounds, credit or non-credit, all receive equal consideration in this model. It’s a tall order and the first step is always appreciating the individual student and the unique path each one is on — as unique as Lucas’s own path through the various levels that make Madison College what it is.

Lucas says building our community through equality in higher education, along with sharing opportunities for our young people, is what motivates him at Madison College. These objectives can inspire all of us as we consider how to use our resources to build a better community, helping more students to accomplish their own dreams and goals.