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Innovation Grants: On the Cutting Edge

The Madison College Innovation/Research & Development request process allows faculty and staff to submit promising new ideas, methods, product developments or opportunities that support the college’s mission, vision and values and promotes student success. This program launched in the fall of 2017 and awarded just over $500,000 in the first year.

The grant process includes a presentation phase and a feedback cycle. Grant amounts have ranged from $7,000 to $165,000.

Your Gift Supports Innovation
Your contribution is critical to the college’s ability to be a leader in our community and on the national stage. Madison College has been recognized by the League for Innovation in Community Colleges with the 2019 Innovation of the Year Award.

jasonvA Case Study: Sports Result Reporting Project
Jason Verhelst, Associate Athletic Director, developed in house, a web based service called Results Reporting. This is a reporting system by which athletic coaches can quickly and easily submit scores, statistics, and relevant information following an athletic contest, via a mobile device. This information is directly transmitted in real time to the athletic department, various media outlets and to any individual that would like to subscribe via email or text message. This eliminates the need for coaches to call in scores or complete time consuming paperwork for reporting purposes.

Currently there are no similar result reporting systems in the athletic marketplace. Madison College, with the leadership of Bryan Woodhouse, AVP of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation, is developing plans to market this product to high schools and colleges across the country. Ideally, the revenue generated will be used for student scholarships and general support of the athletic programs.

Generous supporters can make an immediate impact through current-use innovation grants or build towards the future by contributing to an endowment to fund innovation grants in perpetuity.

Innovation Grant Facts
In fall 2017, $500,000 from the college’s budget was dedicated on a one-time basis to create the innovation fund. To review the proposals, make recommendations, and follow through with projects, the college formed a 5 person Innovation Team. In fiscal year 2018, the Innovation Team received 34 proposals and funded 13, resulting in expenditures of just under $500,000. nine additional projects were referred to other existing funding streams across the campus.

Based on the number of creative and forward thinking proposals received, there is evidence that this fund serves to advance a culture of innovation and progress across the college, which ultimately supports student success.

Funded Projects:

  • Reimaged Developmental Education
  • Robotic Welding Integration
  • Sports Result Reporting Project (detailed above)
  • Happiness/Optimism Course
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Digital Credentials Institute
  • Undergraduate Research in STEM
  • Program Core Delivery Optimism Initiative
  • Soundproof Room
  • Automotive Performance Class
  • Pilot Use of Sim Animals
  • Library Games
  • Spanish and French Language Certification