In the Caring Hands of Nursing Students2016-06-15T11:19:07-06:00

nursingIt’s in the news: there is a severe shortage of nurses nationally that will continue through at least 2020. And, while many young people are eager to become nurses, there are not enough faculty and facilities to provide instruction.

Dr. Robert and Sharon Gilson are strong proponents of education to prepare the next generation entering the medical research and healthcare fields. They created the Gilson Family Endowed Nursing Scholarship.

“We have been struck by the vital need for more nurses. We have been working to help support students interested in entering the profession, especially single parents who choose to go into the field,” said alumna Sharon Gilson.

In memory of Dr. Gilson’s mother, Rebecca, the family also provided a gift of four high tech intravenous (IV) arms for use in the College’s nursing programs. The Laerdal “virtual IV arm” is a computer-aided IV simulator that allows students to observe catheter insertion in real time both internally and externally.

The arms, now available to students on the Fort Atkinson, Reedsburg, Truax and Watertown campuses give students realistic training on lifelike arms so they can perfect their skills.