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Madison College: Helping Students Achieve their Goals2014-06-03T11:45:06-06:00

Madison College is driven by student success. We continually match curriculum with the skills employers need for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
Our commitment to student success leads to employers describing us as responsive, innovative, relevant and inspiring. Successful students become successful graduates, the bedrock of business and industry success.  Nearly 9 of every 10 graduates live and work in Wisconsin.
Madison College anticipates and responds to local workforce needs, resulting in:

Immediate Results for Graduates

  • 88% of Madison College graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation.
  • For every dollar students invest in their technical college education, nearly $5 is returned as higher future income over their careers.
  • Median salaries for associate degree graduates are $36,400 right out of college.

Significant Payback for Taxpayers

  • Wisconsin taxpayers receive $12.20 in benefits for every dollar invested in the technical colleges.
  • At least 54% of WI jobs today require education
  • More than 26,000 students earned technical college credit while in high school.

Immediate Results for Employers

  • Business and industry representative serving on advisory committees help ensure graduates have the skills employers need for success
  • 93% of employers are satisfied or very satisfied with the education and training and would hire technical college graduates again
  • 96% of employers say their local technical college is important to the overall success of their business