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  • 1. Why did the College select these projects as funding priorities?

    Culinary Arts and Baking & Decorative Arts – Madison College has developed a comprehensive Master Campus Plan that identifies the highest facility priorities for renovation, expansion and construction of new facilities to ensure the College has optimal learning environments for students and faculty as we seek to meet the needs of employers today and far into the future. Creating new spaces for the Culinary Arts and Baking & Decorative Arts programs is our highest capital priority.

    Student Success Programs – These programs benefit students across campus, yet their reach is limited by available funding. Building an endowment for faculty support will ensure ample services are available to promising students who benefit from tutoring sessions and other proven student achievement programs. Investments in Career Services, Veteran Services and other core student life services ensure students receive the support they need outside the classroom. In turn, these services help students to develop leadership skills and connect with student clubs and prospective employers, identify job placement and networking opportunities, and receive career coaching and counseling to achieve their full potential.

    Scholarships – At present, the Foundation only has the capacity to provide scholarships for approximately half of the qualifying students due to lack of funding. Increased scholarship funding means more worthy students can afford to attend college. And, because 95 percent of our graduates live and work in Wisconsin, scholarships will ensure that more graduates are available to take their places in the workforce throughout our region.

  • 2. How will this campaign really make a difference for students at Madison College?

    This transformational campaign will provide critically needed new program space for our growing Culinary Arts and Baking & Decorative Arts programs. It will also enhance our Student Success programs, which help students overcome obstacles to learning and future success while expanding student scholarships to ensure that deserving students with promising futures can attend Madison College.

  • 3. Why aren’t you using the 2010 referendum money to pay for all of this?

    Referendum funding, combined with a very competitive construction bidding environment four years ago, made an enormous impact on our campus in recent years. In Madison the Truax Gateway and Achievement Center, Health Education Center, Protective Services Education Center and the Ingenuity Center are just some of the most visible results of the district’s bold approval of the 2010 referendum. Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg and Watertown have all benefitted from space improvements and additions that enhance our facilities in those communities. As a result of the competitive bidding climate, the remaining referendum funding of $15.6 million has been allocated for our next greatest  priority: new facilities for our rapidly expanding Culinary Arts and Baking & Decorative Arts programs.

  • 4. Will these projects raise tuition?

    No. Tuition rates are set by the Wisconsin Technical College System for all 16 technical colleges across the State. There is no direct relationship between these new improvements and tuition rates.

  • 5. What is the status of your downtown and south campuses?

    With changing demographics in the Madison metropolitan area and soon to expire leases at two Madison campuses, Madison College is exploring all options to consider how it serves the community.

  • 6. What will happen to my gift if you don’t reach your campaign goal?

    We are confident the $5 million campaign goal will be met. However, if it is not, your gift will be allocated to the campaign initiative(s) you designated at the time of your gift or allocated to the greatest campaign need at the discretion of the Foundation Board if your gift was undesignated. All gifts will make a significant impact on students by helping provide equipment, scholarships and enhancing student achievement.

  • 7. This campaign may help students, but how does it help the larger community?

    Everywhere you Are, Madison College Matters is more than just a slogan – it’s a statement of Madison College’s impact on our community. Charitable gifts made to improve our campus, expand Student Success programs and increase scholarships directly benefit thousands of students who will play integral roles in our community through their contributions to the workforce, economy and tax base. Everyone benefits from that.

  • 8. It seems a lot of the campaign initiatives are focused on the Truax campus in Madison. How does this campaign support the entire region serviced by Madison College?

    Equipment-intensive programs like culinary and baking cannot be duplicated in multiple locations. But funds raised for scholarships and student success programs will benefit students at all of our regional campuses in Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg and Watertown as well as Madison.