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Food Insecurity Stops Here

//Food Insecurity Stops Here

Food Insecurity Stops Here

Food insecurity is a real issue for Madison College students. The goal of this scholarship is to minimize food insecurity for students who struggle to afford daily nutrition. Typically Big Dog F.I.S.H. (Food Insecurity Stops Here) Scholarship recipients receive a $250 award that is deposited on their Madison College student One-Card for purchases at any Madison College food venue. In the remote learning environment we were unable to offer the award in this way even though there were 68 deserving applicants (excerpts from some of these applications included below).

Since the pandemic has began and losing hours at work it has been hard trying to keep food on the table for my family. It will help so I won’t have to worry about when and where I will get my next meal

Because of our large family, I go without and don’t say anything to the family to make sure everyone gets enough to eat.

I lost my job in March when the pandemic started and ever since then I have been struggling to keep food in the house. I have a growing daughter and even with going to food pantries we tend to run out of food before the next trip.

I am a single mother with 3 children. Everyone in the household attends school virtually. Majority of my income goes towards rent and bills.

Because of our large family, I go without and don’t say anything to the family to make sure everyone gets enough to eat.

It has affected my ability to be successful because their are times when I go the whole day without eating because I am worried I won’t have enough money for rent, or textbooks. I also have a two year old daughter that I am providing for and I would rather have her fed over myself. She is my reason for going back to school so I can provide a better future for her and show her where hard work and dedication can get you.

I receive food stamp benefits through the State of Wisconsin. I am currently 7 months pregnant and have to make the choice between making healthy food choices or making my benefits last each month.

These students need our help more than ever. Turina Bakken and Jason Walker have partnered to purchase 15 – 2 person meal kits, through the Madison College Food Services Curbside Meal Kit Program. Please help us raise $1,300 to provide meals for this entire group of students using the donation form below. You can also help sustain the scholarship by setting up a payroll gift .

Big Dog F.I.S.H Fund Donation Form

Big Dog F.I.S.H Fund Payroll Deduction Form

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