Emil Frautschi Legacy Award – Madison College Foundation
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IMG_1364The legacy established by Emil Frautschi is being carried forward by his family.  His legacy is deep and it is wide! 

Repeatedly, we hear examples of how the Frautschi family stretched out with generosity and service.  They have a heart for this city and this state and love for their fellow Wisconsites. Their commitment to promoting excellence in all the sectors of our lives is unparalleled.

This award is representative of the love the Frautschi Family has in their hearts.  Inscribed on the award are three quotes and a thumbprint heart representing their imprint on our hearts and our lives. 

Award Text:

Emil Frautschi said, “I made up my mind years ago that my hometown was entitled to two or three hours of my service a day. I know but Madison. It is my home, the home of my father, the home of my boys, and it is little enough that I can give some of my time in an endeavor to make it a good place for everyone.”

Walter Frautschi, Emil’s son and Jerry’s father said, “No activity was closer or dearer to Dad’s heart than the technical college.”

Jerry Frautschi, Emil’s grandson said, “What I remember most about my father and my grandfather is their integrity and the warmth of concern they felt for other people.”