2022 Spring Message – Madison College Foundation
2022 Spring Message2022-05-12T08:05:45-06:00

Madison College is a place that believes in the power of second chances. So often students, like Rochelle, enroll at Madison College when they want or need to make a change.

Madison College offers world class academics coupled with the pathways and support systems that students from untraditional backgrounds rely on. We are committed to helping students overcome barriers and navigate to a successful career path. But even with this support, coming back to school is still challenging; it requires focus, determination and sacrifices. In addition to coursework, these students juggle real life commitments. Many work at multiple part time jobs, and some have children who need care. Going back to school is a risk, and the cost, even at community college, can be a roadblock.

Scholarships are among the most important ways to ensure student success as they relieve financial burden while offering validation of a challenging endeavor. You can create opportunities for those who are willing to put in the work to achieve their goals. Please join us by making a gift towards scholarships for second chance students today!