Madison College Foundation

Madison College offers more than 140 transfer opportunities in Wisconsin and beyond

The College makes it easy to search for transfer options and identify the right college or university for students to earn their bachelor’s degree.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison annually admits more transfer students from Madison College than any other school. Madison College students continue to demonstrate that they are well prepared for the academic rigors of UW-Madison.

In 2006, UW-Madison Chancellor John Wiley and MATC President Bettsey Barhorst signed an agreement that provides qualified Madison College students a clear transfer pathway to complete their education at UW-Madison. In 2019, the contract was updated.

Since the transfer agreement was established, more than 1,000 Madison College students have participated in the guaranteed transfer agreement between MATC and UW-Madison. There is no limit to the number of students who can sign the transfer contract each year, but students must be eligible to sign the contract.

Students who achieve certain academic standards in the Scholars of Promise program are automatically accepted at UW-Madison, where tuition and fees are covered for an additional 4 semesters.

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